Manual of the HTP server

List Viewer Panel

List Viewer

The results of the various searches can be seen in the List Viewer Panel.
An example screenshot of the List Viewer Panel is on the right side, which contains the following main areas:

  1. Number of hits in the current search.
  2. Download area.
    User can choose the type of the packing (zip or tar), and by clicking to the Download button, they can download the packed xml files resulted by the current search.
  3. Header line of an entry.
    It contains the sequential number, the HTP identifier and the evidence level (3D, Experiment, Exists, TOPDOM, Prediction). The background color depends only on the evidence level highlighting its value (blue, yellow, yellow, orange and red for 3D, Experiment, Exists, TOPDOM and Prediction, respectively).
  4. Representative icon of the entry.
    User can click to the icon in order to open the Entry Viewer Panel. The type of the icon depends on evidence level of the current entry.
  5. Summary.
    It contains several basic information about the entry, such that gene name, cross references, number of transmembrane segments, and the download buttons for getting the xml files individually.